About Me

It’s a me, Lucas!

Now this is the part where I tell you how good I am at everything and in general how awesome and cool it is to hang around with me. But in all seriousness I am really easy going, approachable and someone that appreciates a good talk and looks deep into pretty much everything.

Lucas Liaskos at the beach with his girlfriend on his shoulders
Lucas Liaskos tinkering with his gadgets while working

Two of my biggest passions in life are weightlifting and videogames. I am quite fortunate in a way since I have managed to work for big brands in both sectors.  I won’t lie, working for a big company such as Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe (SIEE for short) might be a lot of hard work but it’s an awesome working environment full of passion, creativity and people that are most of the times big fans of videogames in general. After all it’s PlayStation you are working for 😉

Lucas Liaskos surrounded by cosplay heroes
Lucas Liaskos simulating "Uncharted" game in real life

I won’t talk more about work here though, you can view a summary of my career path on my resume page. Portfolio section coming soon.

Here are some of my quirks and/or advices. These may come across a bit cheesy but it’s all true. For me at least.

  1. I don’t look up to anyone nor do I want to become like anybody else. I follow my own path. “No heroes, no idols. No gods, no masters.” Simple as that. Why would you want to copy someone else anyway? That’s boring!
  2. I like to progress in everything I do. Never stay still, never remain the same. Just like Bruce Lee used to say “The idea is that flowing water never goes stale, so just keep on flowing.” Nailed it.
  3.  I look younger than my actual age. Thanks mum and dad for the good genes. Although at some point we all break. That’s why by then you should have kids and grandchildren that tell you always how beautiful you look even if they are the only ones that believe that.
  4. I’ve gone though so many hairstyles by now that only professional models have experimented more with their hair in general.
  5. I have an obsession with perfect teeth and since nothing is perfect in this world, I’m always busy taking care of them.
  6. If I was to give you ONE nutritional advice and only one in order to loose weight it would be this: Just make sure you don’t go over a specific calorie threshold. Don’t worry much about the rest as long as you ‘re healthy and feel good.
  7. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer. But not too close. You’ll become like them.
  8. Hard work and consistency beats talent. Every time.
  9. What matters is not the skill but the personality behind the skill. Master the way and the rest follows.
  10. Your dreams is the life and all the things you can experience if you try hard enough.

Things I’m good at


From modding consoles to DYI improvements, I like to improve on pretty much anything!


I’m no pro photographer but I take decent looking photos. Ok, really good ones since you insist!


Being a gym freak, cooking slowly grew on me and now it’s something I enjoy and I’m also quite good at.


I can psych you up to clean your house and actually believe you are a kung-fu master at work!






I am a social guy